Portugal is an international company with more than 150 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market. The company produce more than 700 products within health care, cosmetics, vitamins, natural products and sun care.
The company manufactures products that are marketed to corporate clients through white labelling and partnerships as well as products that are marketed to end customers. 



Web Design, Graphic Design, UI/UX.

A redesign of the current website

I was asked by Portugal to redesign their current website, which was divided into a corporate website and an online store.
The new website needed to be more visually appealing, modern, easy to navigate and to manage in-house by untrained people.
Since the previous website was divided into two, it was very hard for the customers to find the right information and products.

 Background

The website needed to target two very different types of clients.

The corporate clients, interested in doing business mainly through the company’s white labelling and partnerships service.

The final customers, interested in purchasing online the products and brands produced by Portugal.

Six degrees of separation

Most of Portugal’s clients don’t know which products are manufactured by them, they only know the products by their brands.
Portugal wanted to sell online more than 350 products within 10 different brands, each brand carries many different products, but sometimes they can be in the same category.

Portugal needed a website where they can control all design and content aspects and where they can manage their online store.

The many pieces puzzle

The CMS hypothesis

 Challenges

Joining the two websites: The corporate and the online store was a more complicated task than first expected. The process included many hours of designing navigation maps and user-experience research. 
My original proposal was to create a separate button for the cooperative part, but Portugal wanted all information under “About Us”, so I designed a more complex navigation menu - keeping it yet easy to navigate.

Within the 10 brands that Portugal wanted to sell through their website, there were 11 product categories and 350 products in total – quite a puzzle to make! 
Some customers would search for a product by its brand, while other would search by category, and that is why I decided to place the brands and the categories in the navigation menu, as well as a category filter on top of the product session.

After a lot of research and due to the website’s many features, we decided to develop the website and e-commerce site using the platform Shopify. In order to make the website more “CMS-friendly” for Portugal, I decided to instal some additional Shopify apps. 
As the website menu was rather complex, I installed a menu builder in order to create design flexibility, a very complete intuitive page builder, a translation service and finally, I set up everything in order for the company to be able to start their online sale and to manage their own store and website. 

No separation at all

Putting the pieces together

Shopify CMS to the rescue

Website design process 3Website design process 1Website design process 2
 Process

A responsive e-commerce site developed with Shopify and with extra and very functional add-ons to make sure that the company has complete freedom to manage the site. 

 Solution
Portugal website - Home
Partnerships and Private Labeling
Logistica AQP
Portugal Graphics

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Corporate Pages

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